The Annual Pilgrimage To Mount Keen


Mount Keen (939m) tends not to be held in great esteem, despite its unique claim of being the most easterly Munro. Once bagged, it’s then frequently forgotten and not revisited. However, for those of us living in the North East of Scotland, an annual appointment with the mountain is obligatory.

Looking towards the Cairngorms

While the mountain itself may not be that visually stunning, the lengthy approach from the north through the Caledonian pine forests of Glen Tanar is undeniably very lovely. I must confess that my New Year’s Resolution to rise earlier and drive to hills that don’t require such a long approach has already failed dismally (see last post), this being reflected in today’s nice short drive but then a 29 km plus round trip on foot. The benign weather conditions and lack of snow were most un-January-like, but the views across to the Cairngorms had all the clarity of the midwinter. Walking back through the pine forests in the moonlight was a truly magical experience: it more than made up for me failing to fulfil my New Year’s Resolution at such an early date.


Pine trees in the moonlight


 Featured photo: The shadow of Mount Keen cast on the landscape below


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