Sample Days

These pages present a few accounts of various mountain days.

For information: Munros are Scottish mountains over 914.4m/3000ft, while those classed as Corbetts are between 762m/2500ft and 914.1m/2999ft with a prominence of 152.4m/500ft. Grahams share a near similar prominence ‘rule’ as Corbetts but range in height from  609.6m/2000ft to 761.7m/2499ft.

It’s fair to say that in Britain units of measurement are used in a contentedly haphazard manner. While we no longer use leagues, fathoms and furlongs (except in special circumstances), switching between metric and British imperial systems is still pretty commonplace. So while Ordnance Survey maps are metric, distances by road are given in miles. These accounts may contain a smattering of units from both systems as sometimes I have resorted to using imperial terms in order to aid the flow of the text … after all, ‘miles’ tend to be more poetic than ‘kilometres’…



Featured photo: View looking south from the summit of Ciste Dhubh, Kintail, NW Highlands